Emergency Response Services

TAS is Committed to Safety and Response

Because of this, many small and large companies, municipalities, and insurers/claims adjusters have one number they call in emergencies: TAS Environmental. Our commitment to safety is rooted in the foundation of our environmental emergency response procedures.

We Provide 24/7 Emergency Response Services For:

  • Roadside Spills
    • (OSRO) Oil Spill Removal Organization
    • Decon
    • Transportation & Disposal of Contaminated Materials
  • Pipeline Incidents
  • Non-haz Emergencies
  • Natural Disasters
  • Universal Wastes
  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • DOT & EPA Regulated Emergencies
  • Biohazard
  • Biological Cleanups

Our Veteran 24/7 Emergency Response Staff and Crews Regularly Handle:

Roadside Chemical Spills & Incidents

TAS is a trusted Industrial Emergency Responder capable of managing hazardous spills, cargo releases and/or material transfers for hazardous and non-hazardous materials. You can also call TAS for Decontamination events (decon) or Remediation for both hazardous and non-hazardous material spills/releases. We work with industrial companies and regulatory agencies dedicated to safe hazardous waste transportation and disposal of cargos.

Pipeline Incidents

We manage response, assessment and cleanup from pipeline spills, leaks, and ruptures to to assist Midstream firm remain in control of responsible environmental management in full compliance with regulatory agencies.

We are highly experienced in Public Relations and management of emergency events from Planning, Containment, and Remediation.  TAS Environmental is a permitted Oil Spill Response Organization (OSRO) and have been fully vetted by the United States Coast Guard via the permitting and audit process.

Bio Hazardous Material (Biohazards) Emergencies

TAS is equipped to handle material emergencies from small to large scale including biological & biohazardous cleanups.  Projects include restoration and clean-up of vehicles, ambulances, retail/industrial facilities, rest rooms and crime scenes

Natural Disasters

Our services extend into response to natural disasters and minimizing long-term damage from non-man made incidents.

DOT & EPA Regulated Emergencies

The US EPA and DOT require a base level of responsibility when handling, shipping, and disposing of hazardous materials. We assist regulated companies in maintaining compliance in both routine procedure and in accident/emergency situations. We are hazardous material and hazardous waste subject matter experts.

We are highly experienced in DOT, RCRA and TSCA – we manage your needs in full compliance with all Regulatory Standards including OSHA and the Certified Federal Register.


Get In Touch with TAS Environmental

We invite you to find out why we are the go-to resource for so many industrial companies and organizations. Environmental, Health and Safety Professional count on TAS Environmental Services to provide real-time solutions to their problems every day. We’re pleased to provide you with blue chip references with your industry.  We’re committed to your safety and your project. Call TAS Environmental Services anytime – 24/7/365 for emergency response services and industrial emergencies in Texas and other states.


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