We know it takes a special person to work in environmental services. We are committed to providing our employees with an enriching and rewarding environment.

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Emergency Response Services

Spills and accidents generally don’t occur at 10 in the morning. They happen anytime and when they do we’re ready for the call because every minute counts. Our 24/7 hotline is here to help you when disaster strikes.

Tank Cleaning Services

TAS has the experienced personnel as well as the equipment and ability to clean any tank, regardless of size or substance. Our tank cleaning services include containments for: Crude Oil, Petrochemical, Rail, Wastewater, Fuels and for Municipal, State, & DOT.

Hazardous Waste Transportation

Proper industrial hazardous waste disposal & transportation leads to waste reduction, cost savings, and a smaller environmental impact. We can help you plan, profile, analyze, and manage ALL of your waste streams.

Pipeline Cleaning Services

There is one provider in the industry offering pipeline cleaning services, maintenance, repair, and emergency response: TAS Environmental. We know your pipeline is the heart of your business. Our team is ready to respond quickly and has the experience the job calls for, both for emergency and scheduled work.

About TAS Environmental Services

TAS Environmental Services is one of the leading emergency response cleanup companies in the United States. Our industrial cleaning services range from tank cleaning to environmental remediation, and even hazardous waste transportation.

Our track record for optimal compliance has helped countless industrial companies maintain safe waste management practices. With our 24/7 emergency hotline, we help our nation’s industrial companies around the clock. Whether you’re working in the oil & gas industry or anything the involves hazardous materials, we have you covered.

Environmental products and services
Check out our featured spill kits and absorbents in our fall catalog

HOT ITEM: Driver’s Spill Kit
Includes: Driver Bag 24”w x 12”h x 12”d | (20) 15” X 17 ” sorbent pads | (2) 5 inch boom | (1) pair of goggles | (1) pair of nitrile gloves
(1) 6 mil drum liner | (1) Epoxy Stick | (1) Spill Management Guide