Grit Sand Trap Cleaning

Grit & Sand Trap Maintenance and Cleaning Services In Dallas, Texas

TAS Environmental Services, L.P. offers the best option for servicing grit and sand traps – also known as oil-water separators. Our team of trained professionals understand Local, State and EPA guidelines for proper management of oils, solids and waste liquids. We proactively manage environmental, health and safety risks when providing sand trap and grit trap services. At TAS Environmental Services, L.P. no job is large. We own and operate the largest regional fleet of vacuum trucks that can handle small projects such as car washes as well as large industrial manufacturing sites as well.

Sand Trap Services Dallas Texas

When hiring TAS Environmental Services, L.P. for grit and sand trap maintenance you will receive the peace of mind that you deserve knowing that your project is being handled by industry professionals. Our team of field specialists have been highly trained to identify areas of concern that others often overlook. Our team is 40-hour Hazwoper trained, which is the highest environmental training standard in the industry. At TAS Environmental Services we focus on customer care, compliance, costs, and Communication as our highest priorities. We serve our customers on-time, every time. Let us help you save time, money and remain compliant with regulatory and safety standards.

We specialize in servicing reclaim systems, oil-water separators, sand traps, grit traps, underground storage tanks, and fuel tanks of any kind.

Sand Trap Cleaning
Grease and Grit Trap Cleaning
UST Cleaning
UST Removal
Waste Recycling and Transportation

Contact TAS Environmental Services, L.P. to speak with a Project Manager to discuss which maintenance program is right for your business.

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